Nothing better to do

Customer: "Hi Pete can you tell me what domains we own particularly"
Me: "OK just bear with me a second, hm acertaindoman and all its extensions are available?"
Customer: "Oh I didn't want to know about acertaindomain I wanted to know what we owned"
Me: "I'm sorry I'm confused, you asked me about acertaindoman that's why I looked it up yet you're now saying you're not interested in it?"
Customer: "Well the thing is someone has said someone wants to buy it"
Me: "Oh hang on you've had an email or a phone call saying someone wants to buy it but it would be a jolly good idea if you bought it instead?"
Customer: "Yes and I'm not sure what we should do"
Me: "Buy it from me I can do it right now if you like?"
Customer: "Oh is it a scam then?"
Me: "Not really its a sales ploy they hope you'll get the gitters and buy it"
Customer: "Oh well we don't really need it but thanks anyway"

If you'd have said up front someone wants you to buy a domain name you could have saved me a lot of time!


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