Webmaster: "Pete, just thought I'd let you know xyz's ADSL is down."
Me: "Brilliant, thanks a bunch! Tell you what can you swap his mail to the Fibre a.s.a.p."
Webmaster: "But what if his fibre is down? Remember we don't monitor that."
Me: "Makes no odds, he's not getting email now so for him there's no change as such."

A short while later.


Pete: "Hi xyz, before you say anything your ADSL is down and I've had your mail switched to the fibre."
Pete: "As we cant monitor the fibre I have no idea if the email is being delivered."
Customer: "Mail is coming through."
Pete: "That shocked you didn't it?"
Customer: "Well, erm, yes, well."
Pete: "I can tell it did."
Customer: "Can you let me know why the ADSL went down?"
Pete: "If I get a definitive reason."

I shall be in smug mode for the rest of the day.


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