I'm an expert

Expert: "Hi, I'm building a new website, can you give me the login details for the CPanel?"
Me: "We do not use CPanel, I'll get you the FTP details."
Expert: "FTP details?"
Me: "Yes, you do know FTP don't you?"
Expert: "Of course I've heard of FTP."
Me: "With the greatest respect that's not what I asked, I asked if you knew it as in how to use it?"
Expert: "No I've never used it, I've never had to."
Me: "Ah, Well it's dead easy although if you're unsure I can upload a copy of Wordpress for you then give you the MySQL details and you can install it yourself."
Expert: "I'm not sure I know what you mean?"
Me: "You do know how to install Wordpress don't you?"
Expert: "Yes! I've done it hundreds of times!!"
Me: "I mean installed it from the browser, gave the MySQL details and set the password?"
Expert: "What? I've always used HostingForDummies @ £1.50 for five years, you just select what you want installing and the wizard does it all for you."
Me: #Facepalm

I bet every man and his dog knows you on the Wordpress forums. :-(


Alfie Foster said…
Ughh the cringe.

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