Customer: "I keep getting this filth! I've complained loads of times to your support guys and these spam emails, some of them with porn in, keep getting through!"

Me: "Really?"

Customer: "Yes, I spoke to Dave this morning and he told me to forward them to your spam reporting email address but they're still getting through! What are you guys playing at? I thought you filtered spam?"

Me: "We do."

Customer: "Well it's clearly crap because there's lots getting through!"

Me: "Forward one to me and I'll look into it personally."

10 minutes later

Me: "These spam emails you keep getting, it's nothing to do with us, we don't host your emails! They're hosted with CheepoPaPa that internationally acclaimed business grade hosting company for 37p every three years."

Customer: "But you do our IT support?"

Not your emails we don't mush.


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