That awkward moment.

So the Cannon Clan went to an Italian styled eatery last night. I ordered a strange meal from the menu, chicken stuffed with salami served with spaghetti, broccoli, green beans and peas. Monique ordered a 'well done' steak with chips.

As I ate some chicken I thought "This is burnt!" and sure enough along the bottom was a large burnt area as well as the edges of the rolled chicken breast. Monique then asked me to taste her steak. "It's really, badly burnt dad." it was, it was so bad it was like eating charcoal.

We asked to speak with the manager who, for purposes of this post, I need to point out was black.

Me: "Hi, this chicken is burnt, the problem when it's burnt is it permeates the food."
Manager: "Oh dear."
Me: "Sadly that's not all. While my daughter did order a 'well done' steak, as you can see it's also burnt, in fact it's so burnt it's black."
Manager: "What's wrong with the colour black?"


Stunned silence was heard with deafening clarity.

We didn't pay for the two burnt meals and given they said it would take between 25 - 30 minutes to cook another steak, Monique and I went without main courses. :-(


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