The pool is closed.

So I'm going to Malta in a couple of months time, I booked through a company that's more famous for burring you in the UK. TBH the whole process has been a nightmare, what with airports being changed, pre flight hotel being booked wrong, seriously, it takes a good three or four minutes to read all the notes associated with our booking and we've not even gone yet!

Friday I came home to a distraught wife, "There's a problem with the hotel, something about building work, they're writing to us." Are they? Well I'm still going down there.

Rep: "Yes Mr Cannon, unfortunately the work has overrun so the roof top pool, jacuzzi and terrace restaurant is closed."

Me: "Closed? CLOSED? it's no longer there! They ripped the roof off to build two extra storeys to the place!"

Rep: "As I say, the work has overrun."

Me: "Somebody must have known about this? You just don't decided to put two extra storeys on a hotel over a weekend."

Rep: "We can only go by what we're told."

Me: "You guys seem to say that a lot about everything, is that your stock answer?"

Some backwards and forwards later.

Me: "So you're saying by the time I go I won't be having wall plaster in my coffee, turps in my grapefruit juice then? You watch, I'll get there and our room won't have the balcony we paid for."

Rep: "It's in you paperwork, 'quiet room with a balcony' you'll be fine."

Me: "It said Birmingham airport in my paperwork originally, I'm flying from Manchester now!"



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