Bright Idea

Marketeer: "Hi there just wanted a quick chat about a new service we are offering, most company's have a tele sales team cold calling we offer qualified sales leads! the idea is we've done all the work and have a customer looking to buy we put that lead on our website and a bit like ebay you bid on that lead"
Me: "Erm hang on, so I pay you money for a lead we then go off and try to close that lead what happens if we're rubbish at selling? Or they can get it cheaper somewhere else?"
Marketeer: "Erm? Ooh, Er, Well the leads are fully qualified"
Me: "Yes but what if we are too expensive?"
Marketeer: "Well we would just qualify the lead obviously it would be up to you to close the deal?"
Me: "Yes and in that vein I'm closing the phone call"

I wonder how many have fallen for this scam?


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