Too ill for my liking

My family is full up with the lurgy (Illness), My daughter rang the doctors for an appointment;
Daughter: "Can I book an appointment to see the doctor please?"
Receptionist: "I'm afraid we have nothing for two weeks"
Daughter: "I need to see the doctor today?"
Receptionist: "I might be able to squeeze you in on Tuesday of next week at 2.30pm"
Daughter: "I'm at work then I need something around 5.45 - 6.00pm"
Receptionist: "Ah we are not very good for workers"
Daughter: "Sorry?"
Receptionist: "Are you ill?"
Daughter: "Am I ill? Why would I be phoning if I wasn't ill?"
Receptionist: "Well we are very busy?"
So it would seem our local GP only caters for OAP's and dole scroungers the poor saps who actually pay National Insurance get shafted yet again.


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