Why will it not install

Customer: "Hi I wanted to download a program for our Tachograph system but I was not allowed so you put it on a disc for me, I want to know if its downloaded?"
Me: "Um I presume you mean have we downloaded it on to the disc?"
Customer: "Well apparently I don't have permission to do it"
Me: "OK lets take a step back shall we, I would imagine you can download anything while you do have a web proxy box unless Ian has banned the site and I take it he has not as you can get on to it you can download. What you probably cant do is install the software as I suspect you do not have administrator rights?"
Customer: "Oh"
Me: "We possibly downloaded it and burnt it to disc for you because you said you could not download but unless you are allowed to install its not worth anything to you"
Customer: "So should I really be talking to Ian then?"
Me: "Seems like a plan"



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