Can I slip it in

A customer has a faulty printer.

These days not many people cover printers under maintenance they're just too cheap to buy, might as well chuck it in the bin and buy a new one.

Customer: "Hi Pete I've had an email about renewing our maintenance can we put our two printers on it?"
Me: "Your printer is currently broken we cant do anything until its fixed"
Customer: "Ah yes I know its broken but can we put it on?"
Me: "No not for the minute and to be honest we don't cover printers anyway they're so cheap you can just buy a new one"
Customer: "You're an obstructive bastard aren't you?"
Me: "What? Hey? Er? Where did that come from?"

Oh wait let me guess you want to put it on maintenance so you don't have to pay the £65.00 an hour call out fee?


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