Thursday, 3 February 2011

To burn or not to burn

Customer: "Hi Pete I'm after a bit of advice if that's OK"
Me: "Sure how can I help?"
Customer: "I've got all the pictures of my 18 month old daughter on a USB stick and I've been told I need to put them on a portable drive as the USB stick is a bad idea"
Me: "Erm isn't a USB stick portable then? True it might fail after a lot of re-writes why not put them on your laptop?"
Customer: "Ah well this bloke who say 's he builds his own computers said that was a bad idea as you cat get them off laptop hard drives"
Me: "What? I can take the drive out and stick it in a caddy what's this bloke on about?"
Customer: "What shall I do?"
Me: "Burn them on a DVD or CD and shove the discs in a draw"
Customer: "Can you do that then?"
Me: "Yes"
Customer: "Thanks for that Pete sorry its quick but Ive got to get off now I've got a bit of a nasty job to do I've got to give a bloke a written warning"
Me: "What for?"
Customer: "To be honest I think he lied at his interview he dosen't seem to know how to operate his lathe or any of the other machines."

He's not alone then?

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