I thought the backup fairies did it

Customer: "Hi Pete can you tell me, are you doing our backups?"
Me: "In what sense?"
Customer: "Do you do them do you back our server up?"
Me: "I suspect not but surly Simon in Yorkshire can answer that?"
Customer: "He says he backs up his but not ours."
Me: "Before they bought you out, when was that? Two years ago? Did you used to put tapes in?"
Customer: "Yes but we stopped when they bought us."
Me: "Why?"
Customer: "We just assumed they'd sort it out, I have no idea where that tapes are by the way"
Me: "So you've not had a backup for two years then?"
Customer: "Suppose not."

Oh dear looks like you'll need a new backup solution how about a snapshot automated with a cron job?


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