Over my head like an aeroplane.

Our CRM database has been playing up for ages also I noticed we have a couple of thousand records that have not been touched in a very long time so set some mass call activities. As it turns out these have been set incorrectly the 'call' has been set across the range instead of for each individual record.

Colleague: "Pete my task list is wrong they all say Rosie."
Me: "Ah I see the problem, its my fault sort of, I've set a block activity relating to Rosie. I wanted individual calls. I'll clear that activity... Ooh its cleared the lot! Right just work through these records but don't change the lookup whatever you do."

About an hour later.

Colleague: "All my calls have disappeared!"
Me: "What do you mean disappeared?"
Colleague: "They've all gone from my lookup."
Me: "Oh no I did say work from that look up and just move forward from each record, you've lost em."
Colleague: "Where have they gone I cant find them?"
Me: "OK I'll try and make it simple (And patronising) when you came in this morning and looked up your tasks it said "Hm OK 6 tasks (Reduced for simplicity) here you go six tasks for today" you had done two I cleared the activity on the 3rd but the database also cleared the other 3 thats why I said to not mess with the lookup and carry on working from that."
Colleague: "So where have they all gone I cant call the outstanding ones back again?."
Me: "Erm OK let me put it another way, here's a blackboard how many pretend calls you got?."
Colleague: "68?"
Me: "No pretend calls, its 6 isn't it?"
Colleague: "Oh, oh yeah 6"
Me: "So we put six chalk marks on the board you wipe two, I'll wipe one then two more how many chalk marks left?"
Colleague: "Er none?"
Me: "Correct!"
Colleague: "But I've not done the calls I need to get them back"
Me: [Crying] "Just set the lookup to tomorrow and do those I'll set some more later."


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