Pull the other one

I had a call from a customer on a car phone.

Customer: "Hi there, on 25th May 2010 one of your guys came out to us as our server crashed and we lost a lot of data"
Me: "A year ago?"
Customer: "Yes, thing is one of our guys had a speeding ticket then and I've been out of the country and I've come back and had a summons! I have to be in court on 20 minutes"
Me: "Er?"
Customer: "Can you have a look back in the logs for when you came out and fax over a letter saying when you came out and confirming the data loss?"
Me: "Firstly there is nobody here at the minute who can access the archives plus it would take longer than twenty minutes to get that faxed over but more importantly what has the server crash got to do with a speeding fine letter?"
Customer: "Oh never mind I'll just have to go in without it"

Please! Someone stop that, its trying to escape! I think its what little is left of my brain.


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