You can trust me.

Prospect: "Hi you was recommended by XYZ one of your customers."
Me: "Oh yes, I know them well."
Prospect: "We are a new startup and need a Server, Pc's ............"
Me: "Not a problem, I'll quote you."
Prospect: "Will you give us 30 days credit?"
Me: "I'm afraid not, you are after-all a new business."
Prospect: "But you know XYZ?"
Me: "Yes but we don't know you and as you say you're a startup?"
Prospect: "Well that's one of the reasons I asked."
Me: "To be honest I suspect 50% up front might even be pushing it?"
Prospect: "50%? But I want 30 days."

Think of all those poor sales people who have to put up with this on an hourly basis.


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