Wolves at breakfast.

Had a phone call from a Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber: "Hi, I noticed you were a member a long time ago and I wanted to run some of the new packages we have past you."

Me: "Can I just stop you there. The thing is imo membership only benefits the Chamber. I've been to some of your networking events such as breakfasts and they're all the same, they're all attended by people like myself hoping to sell. There's never anyone silly enough to attend who's looking to buy something. The thing is it would be like entering a pack of wolves for anyone looking to purchase a product or service, sure you get Directors at these events but they too are only there to promote their business and people of that stature are hardly likely to enter the bear pit of sales people."

Chamber: "Oh, OK then, thanks anyway."

I should point out the nice young lady was continually laughing through my insightful tirade."


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