Is Bigger better

Customer: "Hi Pete you know that laptop you sold me about three years ago?"
Me: "Not really what was it?"
Customer: "An IBM T42 thing is its running slow now and struggles to run the programs we use maybe it needs a bigger hard drive?"
Me: "Maybe it needs throwing in the bin?"
Customer: "Oh god no its a good laptop."
Me: "I thought you said it won't run your programs?"
Customer: "Yeah but I was hoping all it needed was a bigger hard drive."
Me: "No, more memory or a better CPU might help but in the long run it was a refurbished laptop anyway so I suspect its 5+ years old time to replace it I think."
Customer: "Erm can I drop it off and you have a look at it?"
Me: "Of course"

Oh deary me its too old!


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