Power to the people

Customer: "Hi there I'm after a little bit of advice about our server"
Me: "OK"
Customer: "They'll be switching the power off on Sunday should we shut the Server down?"
Me: "Seems like a good idea to me"
Customer: "Do I just press this button in then?"
Me: "No you need to shut it down properly, go to start then shutdown you'll have to fill in the reason why so there is a record in the log"
Customer: "Do you know our password?"
Me: "No I'm afraid not"

After asking internally.

Me: "Its date of births."
Customer: "Hm what's mine? I should know it as its my birthday today"
Me: "Erm 21 01 something?"
Customer: "Oh yeah thanks it says shutting down"

What can I say!


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