You mean I have to pay?

After the usual sales pitch;

Customer: "Yes we are looking for some support we had a nice guy used to look after us, we would drop a machine off or he'd pick it up. Work on it over night and drop it off the next day."
Me: "How come he is not looking after you anymore?"
Customer: "Well that's the thing we had loads of work for him he was always busy but he said he'd worked it out and for the hours he was doing it wasn't worth it so he was going back to lorry driving! After all the work we gave him as well!"
Me: "I take it he was charging slightly more if it was mostly night work?"
Customer: "Huh he wanted to charge us £45 I soon put a stop to that we paid him £20 an hour"
Me: "What!? We charge £65 an hour and that's in the daytime! No wonder he went back to lorry driving"
Customer: "Well if you want to pop in and have a look you're more than welcome."

Yeah there's a plan, we'll pay for the petrol our staffs wages and 'have a look' at your machine.


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